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Ice Paradise GRAPE HOLY
Reduced price! Ice Paradise GRAPE

Ice Paradise GRAPE HOLY

Premix Liquid SMOKE Ice Paradise

Malaysian grape flavor.

Ready Kit for self-mixing of the liquid

Just mix and shake well!

Premix Present FREE LIQUID!

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The 60 ml bottle contains 50 ml of rinses

The 120 ml bottle contains an 100 ml rinse

Density: 70 VG / 30 PG

The premix does not contain nicotine!

With this, it will be very easy to get fluid! Because they are all included in the balance sheet already.

It is enough to bring them out and they are good. The fluid is now ready to be made. To get the most out of your premix, let it sit for a few hours. A longer brew improves palatability.

Liquid strength table 60 ml 70/30

add 10ml base to the premix

Nicotine baseStrength  nicotine base      mg/mlReady liquid
10 ml0mg/mlPower 0
10 ml6mg/mlPower 1
10 ml12mg/mlPower 2
10 ml18mg/mlPower 3

Liquid strength table 120 ml 70/30

add 20ml base to the premix

Nicotine baseStrength  nicotine base      mg/mlReady liquid
20 ml0mg/mlPower 0
20 ml6mg/mlPower 1
20 ml12mg/mlPower 2
20 ml18mg/mlPower 3


  • 1 pc. Glycerin.
  • 1 pc. Aroma.
  • 1 pc. Manual.

With the unique items of my customers, I would like to ask for your attention to the returns of flavors, due to the lack of transition/returns.

Premix - a liquid that does not contain nicotine, contains flavoring, propylene glycol, glycerin. To get a full-fledged liquid, add the so-called base with nicotine content, nicotine can be classic or salts.

The power of the fluid0 mg
Capacity60 ml / 120 ml

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