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The growth of the e-cigarette industry started with disposable electronic cigarettes. But these devices will not come off the shelves and are const...

The growth of the e-cigarette industry started with disposable electronic cigarettes. But these devices will not come off the shelves and are constantly being improved. Inexpensive, compact, they allow you to try new flavors, soar without any manipulations: refueling, charging. Dymok presents disposable electronic cigarettes for every taste.

Disposable electronic cigarette device

In recent years, devices have turned from an imitation of a cigarette into disposable vaporizers. Tank volume, power, and with them mobility, comfort, increased flavor. The housing is made of metal or impact-resistant plastic. Inside is a small battery and a fluid reservoir.

The disposable sachets do not have buttons, they are controlled by a puff sensor. New electronic systems tend to use nicotine salts that enter the bloodstream quickly. And it is displayed slower than freebase. This allows you to reduce the number of smoke breaks, and only 2-3 puffs are enough to satisfy your hunger.

Almost all manufacturers have a 50/50 VG / PG ratio. The clouds of steam are small, but you can soar around the workplace. Such proportions ensure a clear flavor message with low fluid consumption, but the latest developments allow you to set up real clubs, enjoying a gentle rise.

Technical data:

Number of bars: from 300 to 4000. The manufacturer calculates the average, focusing on the battery capacity and the evaporation rate of the slurry. But a lot depends on the style of gliding, the depth of the puff.
Battery Capacity (mAh): The larger the tank and the stated number of thrusts, the more energy it takes to evaporate.
Enable and disable the puff sensor. Sometimes there is cut-off and overheating protection.
Manufacturers are diligently working on the project, many use special soft touch coatings that do not allow the plastic to slide in the hand. It is easy to buy a disposable capsule: the price allows you to try new products without significant costs, choose any flavor according to your mood.

Advantages of disposable capsule systems
Disposable e-cigarettes are in great demand. They allow you to switch to vaping without significant costs. Even seasoned vapers buy disposable items for variety and convenience. You can go for a walk without the general devices, just by putting a small device in your pocket.


Low price (except for the premium segment);
Small dimensions: you can glide without going to specially designated places;
Quickly satisfy your nicotine craving;
No maintenance needed: setup, filling, charging;
Durable housing does not require gentle handling;
Variety of flavors.
E-liquids have a higher concentration of nicotine than conventional pod systems. E-liquids contain more flavors and sweeteners, thanks to which the aroma is noticeable even when the evaporators are slightly heated.

disposable electronic cigarettes

The creators of disposable electronic cigarettes were looking for a special formula of nicotine that would help smokers get rid of, if not addiction, the products of combustion, tar, inhalation of heavy metals. Tobacco leaf extract did not always give the effect needed by people who had been used to addiction for a long time. As a result, a nicotine salt was obtained, purified of excess bases and acids. The body perceives the substance as native, so it quickly enters the brain where endorphins are produced. This allows the dose to be gradually reduced until complete weaning.

The strength is indicated by the mg / ml content. The most common options:

0 - zeros do not contain nicotine, and soaring in the air they do not poison the body at all;
36 mg / ml - 2 ml of the liquid corresponds to the consumption of nicotine equal to 1 packet of cigarettes;
24 mg / ml corresponds to 3 ml. corresponds to a pack of cigarettes.
Smoking one pack of medium-strength cigarettes is believed to provide the body with about 20 mg of nicotine. In both cases, errors occur, as part of the substance evaporates with the vapor, and a certain amount of liquid (up to 0.3 ml) may remain in the tank or evaporate during long storage after opening.

In disposable products, the consumption of liquid is sparing, thanks to which the nicotine content is higher than in standard capsules and e-liquids for vaporization. Want to buy a disposable cartridge, but don't know how to calculate the strength? To solve the problem quickly, please contact our consultant in the online chat.

How to buy a disposable e-cigarette?
In Dymoku, there are always the most popular single-shot samples, well-known brands: HQD, Ponts, Puff Bar, Elf Bar, Eleaf, NOQO, etc. We receive news from all major countries and studies by domestic producers.

Order a disposable vaporizer in any convenient way: on the website, in the communicator. Our store is optimized for mobile devices. We provide courier services in Warsaw, we will send with a transport company to any remote part of Poland.

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