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Nicotine salt (salts) is an artificially synthesized form of ordinary nicotine, which has an acidity similar to the pH of the human body. It is mad...

Nicotine salt (salts) is an artificially synthesized form of ordinary nicotine, which has an acidity similar to the pH of the human body. It is made by mixing nicotine free base with some acid. The obtained nicotine salts are distinguished by their purity, as well as high bioavailability for the body, thanks to which nicotine saturation occurs faster.

Synthetic nicotine salts are as close as possible in composition to the analogue - nicotine contained in tobacco leaves. Liquids based on nicotine salts turn out to be very similar to cigarettes, with the difference that the use of substances with steam is much less harmful to health.

Nicotine salt is not completely safe and it is addictive, but the salt is officially approved and approved for sale in America and the EU by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This supervisor monitors the products that are tested very closely and their decisions are trustworthy.

The substance was created and patented in 2015 by the American company PAX Labs, which produces liquids for Juul devices.

What's the Difference Between Nicotine Salt and Regular Nicotine?

Free or free base nicotine has been used in the manufacture of cigarettes since the 1960s. To this end, the pH of natural nicotine was changed with ammonia, thanks to which it began to be absorbed faster by the body. This property was used by the tobacco company Phillip Morris, the owner of which made millions as a result.

Freebase nicotine is also included in vaporizing e-liquids to satisfy your nicotine craving. This substance, however, has a significant disadvantage - in combination with steam, free nicotine in a high concentration strongly irritates the throat. At the same time, the vapor itself becomes very hard, and the sensations from this process become unpleasant, which scares away smokers who try to replace cigarettes with a vaporizer. Nicotine salt helps to get around this because it has minimal effects on the body, is characterized by a low gasp (throat hit) and is much better absorbed.

The main feature of liquids with nicotine salt is that the vaper saturates very quickly: this is due to the proximity to human pH. The acidity level of free nicotine is 10-11 units, and salt 6-6.5 units, like water, so it is very easy to digest. At the same time, nicotine salt is retained longer than usual in the body, which means you won't need to vape frequently.

Special pod systems that use nicotine in the form of saline produce less vapor, making the process almost invisible. This way, the vaper does not cause any discomfort to the people around it. There are also salts in which the concentration of nicotine is lowered and can be used in conventional devices.


Pros and cons of nicotine salt

Like any substance in e-liquids, nicotine salt has both positive and negative qualities. Before trying, you must fully consider all the features and evaluate the effect on the human body.


low consumption in pod systems and ego;

quick nicotine saturation;

does not irritate the throat and does not harden steam;

there are no impurities that affect the taste of the liquid;

Wide range of;

small rechargeable devices that last a long time.


overdosing is possible with frequent vaping;

optimal for pods, not suitable for many drips;

low-power vaping devices;

dry steam;

supersaturation of the body with brine nicotine causes unpleasant sensations.

Low colitis is considered a nicotine benefit in saline, but can also lead to substance overdose. This can happen because the vaper, who does not feel unpleasant sensations in the throat, will rise more often, accordingly, the salt concentration in his blood will exceed the norm.

Too much nicotine salt in the body can raise blood pressure, cause headache, shortness of breath and nausea. This effect occurs when we use liquids with nicotine in saline in devices that are not intended for them. And also if you glide a lot without stopping.

Effect on the taste of liquids and the human body

Despite the fact that salt nicotine, unlike regular nicotine, contains much less impurities and "own" taste, it still affects the overall properties of the fluid. In addition, the salts have a stronger effect on the body.

Nicotine salt and liquid flavor. Salt does not exude flavors, but the saturation of the liquid with salt nicotine is less than with free nicotine. This means that if you mix it yourself, you will have to use more flavors to taste better and the ratio of ingredients will be slightly different.

Commercial nicotine saline liquids have weaker flavors than those that use regular nicotine. It should be remembered that the purpose of the salts is to supply the body with nicotine rather than the maximum taste.

For those who have tried fluids containing regular nicotine before, the transition to saline will pass unchanged for the body. It is worth noting, however, that it can be difficult to return to the free base of nicotine after this (not so much concentration, severe sore throat).

Salt nicotine is strong: it can significantly raise your blood pressure and make your heart beat faster. The most concentrated liquids are used in pod systems, with other devices the nicotine content will be lower.

Nicotine salt and a vaporizer. If you use liquids containing nicotine with saline in conventional devices, the vaporizer will get dirty quickly. This is due to the fact that heated salts are more actively deposited on the elements of the device. As for the pod systems, the situation is different with them - their design is tightened in terms of the use of nicotine saline, and the resource of the cartridge is clearly correlated with the shelf life of the evaporator.

In which devices is better to use nicotine salt?

Since the nicotine itself in saline is intended for pod systems, it is most efficient and economical to vaporize the fluids with saline with their help. Such devices are very small, fit easily in a pocket, convenient to carry with you, and are also used for short "smoke breaks". It is also worth considering that brine nicotine is intended for devices with high resistance (from 1 ohm).

In addition to the special systems, nicotine salt lotions are also suitable for the most common egos. With the growing popularity of salt, manufacturers began to produce large amounts of low-power fluid that can be used in sub-ohm devices.

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