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Important! Different fluid subsystems require different subsystems. This is mainly due to the proportion that affects the consistency, it wets the ...

Important! Different fluid subsystems require different subsystems. This is mainly due to the proportion that affects the consistency, it wets the cotton better or worse, but sometimes it comes out too liquid and dense burns. To understand how it all works, why it's bitter or liquid, whether you need nicotine in saline, whether normal nicotine is suitable, what to look at at all, and how to buy POD premixes, read this simple instruction.

Fluid factor for POD system

Traditionally, slurry for pods is produced in a 50/50 ratio, i.e. PG and VG in half, while in the case of classic vaporizers, 70/30 is used in favor of glycerin, i.e. thicker. The difference is that propylene glycol is liquid and the more it is, the better the cotton is wetted, which is required of the fluid for the Subsystem. The fact is that the channels are smaller here, and the classic thick mixtures very slowly enter the evaporator, which makes the cotton dry and burn. Well, everything is clear - we take thinner and ready! But no.

In almost all modern machines, not only can the classic 70/30 mixes be poured, but also necessary, because more liquid simply flows out thanks to the large slurry feeding channels. How to be? Often the manufacturer declares the supported proportions, sometimes he produces different cartridges, but, as a rule, you can simply pour in at least one or the other. If you are not sure, ask us, but if you have already bought liquid for the POD system, it can be diluted by adding both PG and VG.

If you bought a device from us, see the description. If we have not indicated anything, then there is no information about compatible proportions because:

  • the manufacturer said nothing special
  • we did not find an indication on the box, in the manual, on the evaporator
  • we had no precedent for any of the buyers to contact us about the incompatibility between the fluid and the POD system

So in this case it is very likely that you can pour something in the 70/30 - 50/50 range there. Otherwise, we will indicate the required values.

Subsystem fluid on ordinary nicotine

When deciding on the viscosity, it remains to choose the power, and there is a prejudice that you only need to pour the salt version, that this is a pure lie and a commercial move. Remember: nicotine does not affect anything, you can pour anyone into any device and even deal with zeros, it all depends on personal preferences.

The salt options really came out as pod slurry because they have a very low TX which is a punch to the throat so you can harvest fortresses without coughing and after 2 - 5 puffs you don't want to soar. The idea is to save on fees and resources by floating harder but less.

However, many people hate salt, even though it is found in natural tobacco. There is no usual irritation of the mucosa, that is, as if we are breathing air, there is taste and it is easier to evaporate. If you've tried it and you don't like it, then you have to choose a Free Base nicotine liquid as it is also suitable for POD systems.

Premix for pod systems, strength

As always, you need more force to tighten tightly as there is little steam unless you have slow grip, which also happens on the pods. If you've previously hovered over simple cigarette tanks, it will do the same or 30-50% stronger. So it was 6 mg, you need 9 mg, it was 9 mg, you need 13 - 14 mg ... Usually the liquid for the pods has 6 - 12 mg of traditional nicotine, depending on the strength of the device and your preferences. When in doubt, start with something lighter and top up to increase strength if necessary.

As for salt varieties, 20mg is usually taken, and the stronger it is, the less you will vape. The sensation of salt power doesn't change much, if with Free Base you find out right away that you are inhaling something strong, the difference between 10 mg and 20 mg is not so obvious, but saturation occurs faster.

Find out which proportions are appropriate not only for your tray but for your specific cartridge as they are different. If you can't find out, please ask us. If you want to go wrong take the 70/30 and PG separately to dilute when you feel the initial burn. Strength drops when diluted, take that into account.

Total: short instructions

Usually they try both the salt and the regular subsystem fluid to compare and choose once and for all. Do not forget to choose the right force, considering that the efficiency is small and 1.5 - 3 mg will not be felt at all. Salt has almost no TX, but saturates quickly, Free Base (that is, the classic) hits the throat, but needs to be evaporated more.

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