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The battery is the source of power for your e-cigarette. Each type of battery has its own advantages. With some you can enjoy continuous vaping for...

The battery is the source of power for your e-cigarette. Each type of battery has its own advantages. With some you can enjoy continuous vaping for longer, others have the ability to charge and use at the same time. Batteries with voltage regulation (varivolt) and power regulation (varivatt) are also available.

Some batteries differ in the way they connect to clearomizers and atomizers by the type of thread. Therefore, please read the description carefully before purchasing.

How to choose a battery for an e-cigarette?

In this section you will find any type of battery for vape devices, both for box mods with a plate and for unprotected mechs.

The question of choosing the right battery appears before each vaper. What are the formats of accumulators (batteries) for an electronic cigarette, how do they differ from each other and how to choose the necessary power source, absolutely all novices are interested, because the power supply is the main element of any vape device.

Battery size

For lithium batteries, a simple and perfectly logical 5-digit code for designating battery types and sizes is used. The most popular e-cigarette formats are 18650, 20700 and 21700 batteries. The first two numbers are the diameter of the battery and the last three are the height in millimeters, eg the 18650 battery has a diameter of 1.8 cm and a height of 6.5 cm.

Chemical composition
You can find a huge number of different chemicals in modern batteries, but only three categories are the most popular in the vaping world:

Li-Mn (IMR) - lithium-magnesium
Li-Po - lithium polymer
Li-Ion - lithium-ion
Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

For example, Li-Mn (IMR) models are the safest type in terms of explosion hazard and chemical composition. Such batteries are protected and resistant to overloads and short circuits, they do not lose their capacity at high discharge currents, they have a good tolerance for charging with a current of up to 2A, which significantly reduces the charging time. Such batteries can be safely used in box mods and mech mods that do not come with an electronic board (chip). The main disadvantage of this type is its relatively small capacity, so if you plan to fry the battery mod on thick windings, we recommend that you stock up on several batteries at once.

Li-Po is a built-in type of battery and is considered the most dangerous. Most of the batteries are very sensitive to overcharging, short circuits, mechanical damage, high temperatures, leaks, etc. On the other hand, the undeniable advantages of such batteries are: no discharges at high loads, the ability to maintain a high maximum reverse discharge current and not to heat up under heavy loads.

Li-Ion is the most popular type of battery in the modern world and in addition to electronic cigarettes, it is also used in laptops, smartphones, tablets, hoverboards, etc. Lithium-ion batteries are less dangerous than Li-Po, but are also sensitive to overcharging or overcharging with a current exceeding 0 , 5A. They lose power with each new charge cycle, and when fully discharged, they can easily turn off the device. The main advantage of such batteries is their volume, which, as a rule, is higher than that of IMR, however, if you do everything in accordance with feng shui and charge them on time with low current on a reliable and high-quality charger, then they are able to serve their owner for a long time.


The capacity of high-current batteries is measured in milliamperes / hours (Mah) and many "experts" consider this number the most important, but this is not entirely true. Each battery is designed to work in specific devices and solve specific problems, therefore battery manufacturers have long developed a classification system depending on the operating conditions and the ratio of capacity and discharge current. So, there are 5 groups:

Type A has the largest volume - 3500 mah. However, the discharge current is the lowest - 10A. Designed for use in variable watts up to 30W or mechanical modes with 0.4 Ohm coil resistance.
Type B. Capacity - 3000 mAh, discharge current - 15A. We recommend using it for variable watts in the range of 30-40W or mechanical mods with a coil resistance of 0.4-0.27 Ohm and higher.
Type C. 2500mah, 20A. Designed for use in variable watts in the power range 40-60W and mechanical modes with a winding resistance of 0.26-0.19 Ohm and higher.
Type D. 2000mah, 25A. It is used in varivatt 60-120W and mech modes with resistance 0.18-0.16 Ohm and higher.
Type E. 1500mah, 30A. They show maximum performance on variations with a power of more than 120W and bellows with windings of 0.14-0.12 ohms and more. A typical representative of this species is LG HB6
Of course, there are other ratios of capacity and discharge current. For example, the best competitor-level mechanical mod battery is undoubtedly the Sub Ohm Innovations Bussbars battery (1750mAh 50A), and for modern powerful boxed mods, you can't imagine anything more suitable than the SONY VTC5 (2600mAh 35A). We hope that this information will be useful to you, and if the buyer still has questions, you can always consult the operators of our online store throughout Poland.

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