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KangerTech - is one of the most famous brands in the vaping industry, offering vaporizers for fans of various vaporization methods: for fans of tig...

KangerTech - is one of the most famous brands in the vaping industry, offering vaporizers for fans of various vaporization methods: for fans of tight puffs from cigarettes - EVOD, ProTank, EMUS, etc .; Subwoofer evaporators for Californian (hookah) puffs - SSOCC, CLOCC, PGOCC, Milli, NR-MESH, etc. and for professionals - serviced (the legendary Mini RBA Plus, CLRBA, etc.).

Kangertech evaporators

Kangertech evaporators are special consumables used in branded clearomizers from the same manufacturer. A properly selected heating element will help you get the best flavor with different types of liquids, both in variable wattage and in different temperature control modes. Well, the serviced Kanger evaporator, designed for the most experienced users, will come in handy for sophisticated vapers who are accustomed to independently controlling the quality of the winding.

KangerTech evaporators

Variety of species

So, first things first. There are different types of heating elements in the manufacturer's line, the main thing is to choose the Kanger evaporator that is right for you. If you value your own time and want to get the most out of vaping with a minimum of effort, pay attention to ready-made solutions. Here it is worth considering that each Kangertech replaceable evaporator is "sharpened" for a certain operating mode. For example, consumables with a nickel coil are used exclusively when vaping in the appropriate temperature control mode. Before placing an order, be sure to make sure that your battery pack is equipped with this functionality! Another example is the Kanger replaceable Clapton evaporator. It shows itself perfectly when working in the varivatt mode, and due to the increased evaporation area, it demonstrates improved fragrance opening at a power of 18 watts or more.

The choice of professionals

Those who appreciate the flexibility to customize their flavor and would like to cut down on vaping costs should definitely buy the Kanger Type RBA Vaporizer. Its advantages are obvious: you can make your own winding and change the cotton filling as needed. This will significantly reduce the cost of vaping, but it will require certain skills and patience from you. A Kangertech evaporator of this class is quite easy to maintain and, as a rule, is designed for one full coil. Keep in mind that not all RBA heating elements come with pre-installed coils. Be sure to check the scope of delivery and, if necessary, purchase the missing consumables. To properly "rewind" the Kanger serviced evaporator, use any suitable winding calculator.

Simple and tasteful

However, there is a third option - ready-made heating elements with special "dripping" coils. Such Kanger vaporizers have a unique design and are compatible only with specific models of atomizers (accordingly, if the required device is not in your collection, then such consumables will be useless for you). The Kangertech evaporator of this type allows you to achieve excellent flavor development and abundant steam generation with all aromatic liquids, and its replacement will not cause any problems even for a novice user.

You can buy a Kangertech vaporizer on our website (previously in the online store) or one of the branches of the Dymok retail network.

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