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Cotton (cotton wool) for electronic cigarettes is a consumable material that experienced vapers use to make a heating element on their own. This ap...

Cotton (cotton wool) for electronic cigarettes is a consumable material that experienced vapers use to make a heating element on their own. This approach allows you to significantly reduce the cost of vaping, although it requires some patience from the user. More importantly, the right e-cigarette filler will help you achieve optimal flavor release with both regular and premium e-liquids.


Each of its components is important for the full functioning of the electronic cigarette. The operating time and speed of heating the coils depend on the battery. She, in turn, is responsible for the intensity of the evaporation. Without a container or juice cartridge, you cannot vaporize. And the mouthpiece provides a comfortable, smoking-like sensation. It is worth getting a vaporization cotton pad, which is soaked in a delicious and aromatic liquid. Now it is the most popular material that has no extraneous smell and taste. True, no cotton wool can be used, as the degree of cleaning and some other properties vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

cotton woolcotton


There is only one material for making cotton wool, but in the end you can get cotton wool with completely different properties. Despite popular belief that the best and safest products are sold in a pharmacy, medical cotton is simply not suitable for an e-cigarette.

There should be no bleached or sterilized cotton wool for vaping. Better a brown or yellow tinge than bleached in bleach. Firstly, this substance is harmful to health, and secondly, it affects the taste of the slurry. Now, one of the safest and most suitable options is organic cotton wool of Japanese origin. Initially, cotton for vaping was intended for make-up removal, so it is produced in the form of small square-shaped napkins. Please note that original products are only delivered in cardboard boxes.

The specific properties are much more important than the degree of purification of the material.


The hygroscopicity of cotton vape is responsible for the absorption of juices. The raw material is pre-degreased, thanks to which the liquid impregnates the finished product and remains in the fibers. To do this, it is boiled for many hours in a special solution. The faster the cotton wool is soaked, the higher its hygroscopicity.
The structure of the fibers should be as homogeneous as possible. It is better if the cotton for the evaporator is lump-free or with a small amount of lumps. In it, all hairs should be approximately the same length, since in a high-quality product, short hair and dust are removed during processing.
Someone thinks that cotton is suitable for vaporization, or rather discs based on it. Such a wick will not adversely affect the operation of the atomizer, but the vaping experience will not be as pleasant. This option may only be a one-time use when there is no cotton wool for the drip, but you really want to steam.

Regular maintenance is required during operation. A bad taste in the mouth and low steam production indicate it is time to replace the wick. The procedure consists of a few simple steps:

open the evaporator and remove the unusable cotton wool;
remove carbon deposits from the coil and burn it;
check that the spiral heats up evenly;
cut the cotton plates into strips and make a tube, and if you have a drip cotton wool, twist the tourniquet;
put it in a spiral;
cut off excess;
moisten the winding.
Despite the multi-stage process, the process takes no more than five minutes, even for a beginner. Don't wait for the "garlic" to come out for replacement and cleaning. Thanks to this, your e-cigarette will last longer.

Give preference to high-quality materials. Although the price of vape cotton is higher than usual, you will have to inhale its composition. And vaporization should not only be tasty, but also safe.

Another important consideration when laying cotton is the type of blowing. In the case of side perforation, the ends of the material should be hidden under the roll and rested on the bottom of the container. The amount of product is most important for the downstream airflow. It shouldn't be a little and a lot. In the first case, the liquid remains at the bottom, in the second, the air passages are blocked.


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