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Liquid SMOKE Paradise 60/40

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A liquid for those who want to quit smoking, but cannot get rid of the tobacco flavor. Available in bottles of 60 and 120 ml. Type of liquid: VG / ...

A liquid for those who want to quit smoking, but cannot get rid of the tobacco flavor. Available in bottles of 60 and 120 ml. Type of liquid: VG / PG 60/40.

Vape fluid - what is it?

When you learn how an electronic cigarette works, you will understand that the liquid is an essential ingredient. It usually consists of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavors, sometimes nicotine, and can be packaged in a variety of formats, ranging from 10ml vials to 120ml bottles.

Placed in the atomizer tank, it is heated by the evaporator and then inhaled as vapor. Choosing an e-liquid for e-cigarettes is believed to be just as important as choosing a vaporizer.

In the store, we offer a wide selection of inexpensive vaporization liquids, liquids of Polish production and premium liquids from abroad. We have a wide range of nicotine flavors, capacities and levels. You can always buy a vaporizer in Szczecin after tasting in our vape shop or order a delivery in Poland.

If you're starting out with an e-cigarette to quit smoking, you should know that the liquid allows your vaporizer to release fumes and your body can absorb the nicotine it needs. Therefore, slurry plays a key role in smoking weaning. Its selection is made according to several criteria, such as the level of nicotine, it must be according to your smoking habits, PG / VG ratio, in other words the basis from which it is made and of course the taste.

By choosing to buy the vaporizer you like to taste, you increase your chances of success in quitting smoking or replacing a hookah. Most often they start with tobacco-flavored (classic) liquids, but there are other flavors as well, such as fruity, mint, and even drinks and sweets that most vapers gradually switch to.

The field of possibilities is huge. This way, you are guaranteed that you will find the liquid you will like on the shelves of our catalog.

Liquid for electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are still in great demand as they are not only a safe alternative to regular smoking, but also look quite stylish. And here, before each bather, the question arises about the choice of a special liquid (slurry) with which to fill the cartridge of the device. The online store "" offers a large selection of high-quality e-liquids from leading manufacturers, which can be bought by residents of any region of Poland at the lowest prices.

Buy electronic cigarette liquid in Poland: features of choice and advantages
Currently, e-liquid for vape, electronic cigarettes is offered by many manufacturers. Slurry differs in taste and nicotine level. The standard recipe contains several ingredients: nicotine base, distilled water, vegetable glycerin, flavors and propylene glycol. In some cases, manufacturers may add other additives such as chillies, sweeteners, stabilizers, and flavor enhancers.

In the specialized store "" you can buy liquid for electronic cigarettes in Poland, which differs in the power level:

without nicotine - chosen by people who do not want nicotine, but also do not want to part with the smoking process;
very light - the dose of nicotine in such liquids is only 6-11 mg;
lungs - such a liquid has 12-15 mg of nicotine, it is usually chosen by experienced bathers;
strong - the dose of nicotine is about 18 mg;
super strong - belong to the strongest vaping fluids, the dose of nicotine in them ranges from 25 mg or more.
Unlike tobacco smoke, steam has virtually no harmful components. Various formulas are used when creating dressings, it is recommended to take this into account when choosing. For example, Big Cloud liquids are thicker because they contain a fairly high glycerin content. When choosing this or that liquid, you need to make sure that your e-cigarette model is suitable for it. Personal preferences should also be taken into account. If your goal is to replace a bad habit with a smoking method that is safer for your health, it is recommended to choose a liquid that is as strong as regular cigarettes.

What is the composition of the e-liquid?

The base of the liquid is 80-90% composed of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, it is a solution that evaporates at low heating temperature, so it is ideal for evaporation. You will find this base in various proportions that will always be expressed like this: PG / VG.
PG is a liquid compound commonly used in the food, cosmetic and medical industries. This allows, in particular, to liquefy the e-liquid and, when mixed with nicotine, contribute to a "throat hit (TX)". It is a feeling in the throat that results from the larynx contraction as steam flows through it. A sensation that ex-smokers love so much. PG is tasteless and odorless. It is also used in e-liquids as a flavor enhancer. The more it is present in the mixture, the more fluid the vaporizer will be, with a noticeable TX and a distinct flavor.

VG is more viscous than PG. It is commonly used as an additive in the food industry (E422) and can be found especially in sandwich bread. It has a slightly sweet taste and allows you to generate more steam. Thus, the more glycerin, the greater the steam production will be.

Food flavors typically make up 2 to 20% of e-liquid. These flavors add flavor to the liquid. They can be natural, synthetic, or a mixture of both.
Liquid nicotine. Obtained in various ways from tobacco leaves. Its concentration in the vaporization liquid ranges from 0 to 50 mg / ml. All e-liquids are not necessarily nicotine-based, the choice is up to the user.

Which flavor to choose?

The advantage of the e-cigarette is that you are not limited to one flavor of burnt tobacco, which ends up with an unpleasant taste. On the contrary, you are lucky to discover a whole universe of tastes that have no limits.
It's not always easy to buy the e-liquid for electronic cigarettes you like, with a huge variety of flavors. However, this is one of the keys to successfully quitting smoking and vaping.

Taste is a completely subjective feeling, so you need to be guided by your preferences to make your choice. It is very convenient to buy e-liquid for electronic cigarettes in Szczecin after tasting in our vape shop. When choosing a liquid for vape delivery in Poland, you can, for example, rely on the choice of our team and consult before buying. The choice made by our employees of e-liquids for e-cigarettes is based on the opinions of customers as well as of the best sellers.

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