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In the online store, you can also buy e-liquid for electronic cigarettes in bulk from the manufacturer Smoke, in the case of wholesale pri...

In the online store, you can also buy e-liquid for electronic cigarettes in bulk from the manufacturer Smoke, in the case of wholesale prices, please contact us by e-mail.

Premixes for vape

The liquid for electronic cigarettes in the SMOKE catalog is represented by a wide range, which differs by manufacturer, taste, ratio of ingredients, and price. Unless you belong to the category of mega-experienced vapers who have tried every vaporizer presented on our website, it is difficult to decide on the right composition without hesitation. We propose to evaluate the proposed options taking into account several criteria, on which - we are sure - you will be able to choose the right one faster and buy e-liquid for electronic cigarettes faster.

Inexpensive vape liquid SMOKE Paradise

Liquid ingredients: ratio and presence

Propylene glycol. It improves the interaction of other ingredients, brightens the taste, and provides a "throat hit".
Glycerol. It allows you to get a thick, saturated steam, softens the "blow to the throat" and slightly "dulls" the taste.
Distilled water. Solvent.
Flavoring agent. Adds flavor to e-liquid. It can be fruity, berry, sweet, tobacco, sour, imitating popular cocktails and dishes, presented by original mixes, etc. The choice here is based solely on personal preferences.
Nicotine. Adding this item is optional. It allows you to bring the feeling of vaping closer to smoking. When considering which vaporizer to buy, you should pay special attention to the amount of this element, as it is selected depending on the strength of the cigarettes you are used to. It can range from 0 mg to 24 mg. For the correct selection of the fortress, please contact our advisers.
More propylene glycol is added to classic vaporization preparations. But recently, options with a 70/30 ratio have been often encountered. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain dense, abundant steam and a mild flavor. But if you want to buy a vaporizer that best suits the sensation of smoking ordinary cigarettes, give preference to traditional preparations with a propylene glycol ratio of 60-70%.

When choosing the proportions of e-liquid ingredients to electronic cigarettes, you should also consider the type of vaporizer. After all, the more glycerin in the composition, the denser the composition is. Therefore, this option is optimal for RDAs and powerful tankomizers with a serviced stand. And thanks to such liquids, the service life of standard cigarette craving heating elements is significantly reduced.

The quality of the ingredients
The quality of the components that make up the liquid for electronic cigarettes determines the vaping feeling, as well as the life of the heating element. The lower the degree of purification of the glycerin and propylene glycol used, the faster the coke is formed on the spiral. German manufacturers are considered the best in this regard, and the desired purification percentage is 99.7 - 99.9%.

Electronic cigarette liquids also differ in the quality of the aroma: the better the ingredient, the more natural the taste. All licensed vaporizers contain quality flavors, but depending on the price segment (weight, premium), the aftertaste during vaporization, the "chemical" shade and the complexity of the blend vary. More budget recipes offer simple combinations of 1-2 flavors, premium ones provide multi-faceted complex flavors that are almost impossible to recreate on your own.

On the DYMOK website (formerly an online store), you can buy salt liquid for electronic cigarettes in POLAND by selecting the optimal option in terms of cost and power in the catalog of liquids and by making a reservation on the website with self-collection from the retail store. Our consultants will help determine the brand (e.g. kitchen smoke, smoke), taste (blueberry, tobacco, sweet blueberry, apple, raspberry, banana, gum, grapes), nicotine content (0 mg, 3 mg, 12 mg, etc.), country of origin (Malaysia, USA, Poland), as well as suggest the most popular device options: drip tubes, rta atomizers, batteries, rda tanks.

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