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Heaters Eleaf (iSmoka) - Eleaf is the undisputed leader on the electronic cigarette market. In this section, we present replaceable heating element...

Heaters Eleaf (iSmoka) - Eleaf is the undisputed leader on the electronic cigarette market. In this section, we present replaceable heating elements (vaporizers) for popular models of electronic cigarettes and atomizers by Eleaf.

Eleaf vaporizers for e-cigarettes are used in all of this manufacturer's atomizers, which ensures very accurate and deep flavor reproduction even in the simplest models. The key feature is a nice combination of affordable price, reliability and great performance. The quality and durability of iSmoka vaporizers allow, among other things, to significantly reduce the operating costs of an electronic cigarette.

Like all the company's products, Eleaf vaporizers are distinguished by a simple, yet extremely reliable and practical design. What is especially important, the quality of their work does not complain even among experienced bathers, and the technical parameters meet the strictest requirements! Unlike the serviced atomizers, which require some dexterity and at least minimal knowledge of the electronic cigarette device from the owner, iSmoka replaceable vaporizers allow you to experience all the charms of vaping personally, even for those who have very vague ideas about this phenomenon.

Basically, Eleaf vaporizers are a ready-made heating element with a built-in cotton "battery" for the liquid. It should be remembered that even such successful examples of engineering art still belong to the category of consumables, which in turn implies the need for their regular replacement. At medium load, iSmoka vaporizers work steadily for about two weeks and are able to digest about 30 milliliters of liquid - a very decent number for such little ones!

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Selection and replacement

How to understand that the heating element has completely used up its resource? In fact, everything is simple. As the cotton filler clogs, the Eleaf clearomizer begins to emit less vapor than normal and the liquid aroma develops much less. However, you can take it for a while! But if characteristic smoking notes begin to appear in your favorite flavor, nothing will help. It's time to buy an iSmoka vaporizer and make an urgent replacement. The entire process will take no more than a few minutes and will not cause you any difficulties.

Choosing the right heating element depends entirely on what e-cigarette you are using. In most cases, to find the desired copy, it is enough to look at its name, which already contains the name of the specific clearomizer model. The only exceptions are the universal Eleaf BDC and BCC vaporizers, which are used in the entire family of iSmoka budget electronic cigarettes.

Please note that on our website the price of some models is listed for a bundle of five! In DYMOK.PL retail stores you can also buy an Eleaf vaporizer in the required version for pieces.

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