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Atomizer - Heaters - Clearomizer - it's your needs and design taste. Electronic cigarettes have a complex design: lots of detail; different ways of...

Atomizer - Heaters - Clearomizer - it's your needs and design taste. Electronic cigarettes have a complex design: lots of detail; different ways of handling; complex assembly process.

This design is difficult to automate, so for those new to electronic cigarettes, those that are not serviced, such as tanks with vaporizers, are better suited.

What is this?

Maintenance Free The heaters are a simplified atomizer that keeps maintenance to a minimum, perfect for beginners.

How to choose the most successful model? You need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

• what is the volume of the fluid container;

• how the air flow is implemented;

• what kind of evaporators are used.

Maintenance-free e-cigarette tanks have a characteristic liquid capacity. The bigger it is, the more the electronic cigarette itself and its power. What determines the intensity of the slurry inflow to the evaporator coil?

• from the design of the evaporator;

• on the VG / PG ratio in the liquid itself.

Additionally, each tank model has several types of evaporators. Some have less resistance and a more free flow of air, while others, on the contrary, have less steam - less powerful.

Maintenance-free atomizers are usually large. Therefore, they are convenient, practical to use, they can be serviced without special skills in a few minutes, it is enough to replace the evaporator with a new one. The perfect tank option for beginners and experienced vapers who don't want to mess around.

How are all these evaporator tanks different? - only the size of the liquid container, external appearance and tightening tightness.

Let's move on to blowing options. 2020 maintenance-free tanks come in two types:

• upper (pseudo-lower);

• bottom.

The air flow directly influences the flavor transfer. It is important what path the air travels on its way to the spiral. If the road is long (tanks with top air inlet), the intensity of revealing liquid tones will be weaker, if the blast is near the evaporator, the vapor flavor will be brighter. Bottom blowing options dominate the market, and manufacturers are more likely to implement top blowing evaporator blowing in their systems. When choosing a model of a maintenance-free atomizer, pay attention to the availability of accessories - removable vaporizers.

Do maintenance-free atomizers have any advantages?

They have a simple design which means that the maintenance process is just an evaporator replacement. This applies to such manufacturers:

• Eleaf;

• Smoke;

• EGO;

• Reference;

• Aspire;

• Joyetech and the like.

They are of high quality as they have the following advantages:

• combine several types of evaporators;

• one-piece, designed and tested structure;

• no need to waste time experimenting and filming;

• compatible with any mods;

• have a neat appearance, a special design;

• cheaper than serviced tanks.

Where to find great tanks?

The best maintenance-free and serviced heaters are available on our website. What is important? Are you busy at work? Can't go to the store and choose a tank due to lack of free time? We understand - it's all the modern rhythm of life. Therefore, we suggest visiting our online store and without leaving the office in 10 minutes to buy the best maintenance-free tank of 2020.

The catalog has a well-thought-out structure, so you can quickly and efficiently choose a specific product that meets your specific requirements.

You can also be the first of the first as we work every day, keep track of the vaping world updates and bring new products to our store. All this so that you can try new things.

We have prepared for you:

• fast delivery throughout Poland;

• good high quality;

• reasonable and prices;

• quality, consistent service;

• feedback for consultation.

We are glad to see you on our website! Enjoy your selection and enjoy!

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