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Vaping took over the world in just a little over ten years: the first electronic cigarette was patented in China in 2003, and now we see this acces...

Vaping took over the world in just a little over ten years: the first electronic cigarette was patented in China in 2003, and now we see this accessory in stores, at fashion parties and on Instagram stars. This is one of the most significant inventions of the XXI century, which was designed to help people with nicotine addiction. Therefore, the sale of vape continues to increase. After all, this makes it possible to enjoy smoking and make it safer for yourself and others.

The electronic cigarette successfully fulfills its mission. Those who have already purchased vaping accessories do not return to the traditional cigarette: vape users note that their well-being has improved, and the process of inhaling the flavored vapor is much more pleasant than smoking. Visit a vape shop if you smoke and care about your health! You can also give an e-cigarette to a loved one if you are worried about their nicotine addiction.

Fragrant steam gives new sensations and makes you the center of any company! Non-smokers and non-addicts can try nicotine-free e-liquids in a variety of flavors. For smokers, switching from cigarette smoke to fragrant vapor is not only a matter of fashion or prestige, but also a rational choice. In addition, such a pleasure will cost quite cheaply.


You protect your health. The vapor of an electronic cigarette contains pure nicotine, without tar and impurities. Namely, they have the main harmful effect on the body.
Your breathing, nails and hair are normal. The vape does not cause yellowing of nails and hair, steam does not eat into clothes and does not cause bad breath.
Safety of others. With passive smoking of the vape, there is no inhalation of tar and other harmful substances.
Possibility to reduce the dose of nicotine. If you want to overcome addiction, you can reduce the percentage of nicotine very smoothly.
And it’s also saving. It seems that the price of a vape is higher than regular cigarettes. But it lasts longer, and if you count how many packs of cigarettes you need, it will turn out to be much more expensive.
For most of us, vape is a newfangled gadget, the device of which is not entirely clear. Therefore, a visit to an ordinary vape shop in Poland or in another large city can confuse you. Which model should you choose? What is the difference? What's in the starter kit? Answering this question will require thoughtful assimilation of information, the ability to compare models and see their technical characteristics. Therefore, the best place to choose an electronic device for vaping is our online vape store. On the pages of the site, all the models will be in front of your eyes, and the consultants will answer all your questions and help you with the choice.

The choice of e-liquids for vaping is also much more convenient and comfortable if you go to a vape shop. In our catalog, all tastes are sorted into categories (sweet, fruit, tobacco), which makes it easier to find and choose. And you can make a purchase in a few seconds and without leaving your home.


Our vape shop is located in Poland. We deliver goods by courier service in the city, and also offer the possibility of self-pickup. So you can order a vape while at home or at work, and then take advantage of favorable delivery.

We ship purchases made on our website all over POLAND. The shipment is carried out by prepayment or cash on delivery: you pay for it upon receipt.

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